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Fuel Products to Meet Your Needs

  • Bio-Diesel
    • We offer all blends of bio-diesel and regular diesel to fit your specific needs
    • We will help you determine what blend will work best for you and make sure you have the tank filters you need for the bio-diesel blend you're using.
    • This is for both dyed and on-road diesel fuel.
    • Dyed diesel Illinoil State Tax: 2% soy = 5% sales tax and 11% soy = no sales tax.
    • Check out our premium additive - warranty
  • Gasoline
    • We offer 87 octane gasohol, 89 octane gasohol, and premium unleaded(no ethanol)
    • E-85 is available
    • Again, we will help you determine which blend is most economical and suitable for your needs.

Fuel Contracting and Consulting

  Our Sales Department works directly with our customers on fuel contracting and consulting. The program is laid out below and is available for any customer. It works like this, you will receive....

  • A Bi-Weekly email that summarizes where the fuel market is currently. It will include a few charts, a general commentary, and will be limited to one page.
  • Regular sales calls to keep you informed.
  • Previous year gallon usage so we can target what % of your needs to lock-in at each price level.
  • All of this, FREE, at no additional charge to you!
  • Call 1-800-682-6800 to get started today!